SeeTech iSniper

Single Pocket Currency Discriminator, Mixed Bill/Money Counter

The iSniper is an advanced, intelligent single pocket counter/discriminator with superior counterfeit detection. Using full IR CIS sensors, it can recognize the value of US currency, EURO and local currencies. The iSniper uses both magnetic and ultraviolet sensors to detect counterfeit bills. The clam shell styled front cover allows for easy access to sensors and rollers for cleaning.


  • Accurate one pocket counter with multi currency detection. Piece and value counting.
  • Detect new and old series as well as dirty and soiled banknotes.
  • Handles 5 currencies maximum. Currencies can be composed by several available local currencies.
  • Several different counting modes with/without detection.
  • Local display language (optional).
  • Batch counting number selectable from presets or from number key input.
  • Rejects suspect banknotes and rules out identification errors. The machine stops automatically and the suspect banknote will not be counted.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning due to easy-open mechanism.
  • Step-adjustable counting speed (700 to 1.400 notes per minute).
  • Detection speed 900 notes per minute.
  • Very tolerant to worn and soiled banknotes.
  • PC interface (USB) for convenient upgrade when new counterfeit banknotes emerge on the market for data exchange.
  • External printer and external display can be connected to iSNIPER.
  • 3D size detection.

Technical Specifications

  • Feed Method: Roller Friction
  • Counting Speed: 1000 notes/minute (value counting) 1100 notes/minute (piece counting)
  • Hopper Capacity: Approximately 500 notes
  • Stacker Capacity: Approximately 200 notes
  • Display: 3.1" Graphic LCD (192 x 128 Dot)
  • Power Source: AC 220V/50Hz or AC 110v/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: Standby 20W, Max. 75W
  • Dimensions: 11.7"(W) x 9.25"(L) x 11"(H)
  • Net Weight: 22.1 lbs.

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SeeTech iHunter

Currency Discrimination Counter with Image
Processing Technology

iHunter uses advanced image processing technology, so iHunter can discriminate banknote currency more accurately and precisely.
iHunter has 4 types of discrimination mode as follows:

  • Mixed mode: Identifies mixed denomination bills quickly and provides total value and piece count
  • Single mode: Counts a specific denomination and classifies all others to the reject pocket
  • Separation mode: Recognizes the first banknote and separates different denominations to the reject pocket
  • Direction mode: Processes all the notes “faced and oriented” and rejects all others

Excellent Counterfeit Detection

iHunter carries high levels of counterfeit detection with UV, FL, IR and Superior Magnetic Detection system. Most suspect notes will not escape this advanced detection technology.

Large LCD Display

Easy-to-read 4.1" LCD display shows variety of information at the same time and provides a convenient graphic user interface.

Non-stop Throughout

  • Identifies mixed denomination bills quickly and provides total value and piece count.
  • Counts a specific denomination and classifies all others to the reject pocket.
  • Recognizes the first banknote and separates different denominations to the reject pocket.
  • Process all the notes “faced and oriented” and rejects all others.

Other Features

  • Low noise
  • Easy software upgrade
  • Easy maintenance
  • Desktop type
  • Graceful design
  • Clear note path with easy access

Technical Specifications

  • Feed Method: Roller Friction
  • Counting Speed: 1000 notes/minute (value counting) 1500 notes/minute (piece counting)
  • Countable Note Size: (width) 100 ~ 180mm,
    (length) 60 ~ 90mm
  • Note thickness: 0.08 ~ 0.12mm
  • Main Pocket Capacity: 200 notes (circulated notes)
  • Reject Pocket Capacity: Max. 90 notes (circulated notes)
  • Hopper Capacity: 500 notes (circulated notes)
  • Display: 4.1" Graphic LCD
  • Dimensions(mm): 330(W) x 350(D) x 370(H) mm
  • Net Weight: Approx. 16.0Kg
  • Power Source: AC 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: Max. 110W
  • Option: Remote display for customers

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SeeTech ST-150 Series

New Paradigm of Counterfeit Detection

Enhanced speedy counter and serial number recognition (option)

  • Serial number is recognized by using OCR (up to 800 notes/min)
  • Detects duplicated serial number or counterfeit serial number as a counterfeit note.

High-level Multifunctional Sorter

  • Available up to 10 currencies
  • Complete authentication
  • High-level tness sorting
  • Accurate serial number recognition

Highly Convenient and Easy Operation

  • Highly visible 4.3 inch color graphic LCD
  • Convenient audio alert for notification or error
  • Easy upgrade by LAN or USB
  • Flexibly designed menu and GUI
  • Duplicated key buttons for two tellers

Download Product Sheet (PDF)

Technical Specifications

  • Counterfeit Detection: CIS, IR, MG, UV
  • Currency: Maximum 10 currencies
  • High Speed Value Counting
    • Count Only: 1500 notes/min
    • Value: 1500 notes/min
    • Fitness (ST-150F): 1000 notes/min
    • Serial (option): 800 notes/min
  • Fitness: Stains, Limpness, Dog-ears, Tears,
    Holes, Folds, Mutilations, Thickness,
    Repairs, Composed, De-inked, etc.
  • User Interface: Color TFT-LCD (4.3 inch), Audio
  • Pocket Capacity (New / Old)
    • Hopper: Over 500 notes
    • Reject Pocket: 100 / 70 notes
    • Stacker: 300 / 200 notes
  • Dimensions: 300(W) x 321(D) x 310(H) mm
  • Weight: (Net) 13.9Kg, (Gross) 15.7Kg
  • Power Supply: 100 ~ 240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Globalization: Multi language support
  • Communication Channel: LAN, USB, RS232C
    (External display, Thermal printer)
  • Upgrade: LAN, USB

SeeTech ST-350

Fitness Sorting

More complete level

  • Designed to fitness sort and authenticate banknotes with an unprecedented level of accuracy and security
  • Fitness sorting for holes, tears, dog-ears, tape, soil, stains, folded, de-linked banknotes, etc.

Continuous and uninterrupted sorting

  • Fitness sorting and authentication with a processing speed of 700 notes per minute

Multi-currency application

  • Purpose designed for multi-currency, multi-level fitness sorting and authentication
  • Available up to 10 different currencies

Easy Maintenance

  • Easy upgrade with USB memory stick
  • Easy removal of jammed notes from opening top section
  • Easy cleaning & removal of dust from dust tray

User-friendly Functions

  • Easy control keys with GUI(Graphical User Interface)
  • Equipped with touch screen buttons & 5 keys
  • 7" Full color graphic LCD display
  • Easy to read & carry out functions
  • High connectivity interfaces
  • LAN, USB, RS232C, USB port x 2, & Video out(15 pin D-SUB)

Download Product Sheet (PDF)

Technical Specifications

  • Counterfeit Detection
    • Full Line Magnetic Sensor
    • IR Transmission Full Image
    • UV Reflection x 4
    • Fluorescence x 4
  • Operation Speed
    • Value Counting: 1,000 notes/min
    • Fitness Sorting: 700 notes/min
    • Serial Number Printout: 500 notes/min
  • Dimensions: 534(W) x 454(D) x 481(H) mm
  • Capacity
    • Hopper: 600 notes
    • Stacker x 3: 200 notes
    • Reject Pocket: 100 notes
  • Power Supply
    • Voltage: 100 ~ 240V AC
    • Frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Rated Current: Max 1.2A
  • Operation Condition: Temperature 5~35C
  • Weight: (Net) 47 Kg, (Gross) 57 Kg

Fraud Fighter™ UV-16

Designed for highly lit retail and point-of-sale locations, the UVeritech UV-16 is the most powerful compact counterfeit detection scanner available today. Utilizing electronically enhanced components, the ultraviolet tubes produce 30% more UV than other devices.

The UVeritech UV-16 may be used to detect counterfeit currency, credit cards, driver licenses, secure and chemically altered checks, cashier’s checks, passports, visas, and many other important documents.

Made of solid steel construction and equipped with a lifetime warranty, the UV-16 is the choice for those businesses seeking a professionally designed product that can handle the job.

Each unit also comes with our copyrighted and constantly updated line of training and reference materials to aid you in detection not only of counterfeit currency notes, but also for ID documents, credit cards, traveler’s checks, money orders, and more!

Use the same product chosen by Wells Fargo, Citizens Bank, Regions Bank, JP Morgan, Sears, Macy’s, Yum! Brands, Subway, Kohls, Circle K and thousands of other banks, retailers, restaurants, casinos and businesses, both large and small.

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Fraud Fighter™ CT-550

The most economical and effective counterfeit money detection device available

A fully automatic detector that doesn't require any bill authentication knowledge by an operator. The CT-550 instantly verifies the authenticity and the denomination of the bills. A grand total is automatically displayed on screen, and a detailed report with bill count by denomination can be easily viewed anytime.

Ultra compact size, the CT-550 is perfect for locations where space is at a premium. The bill verification speed of less than one second guarantees your customers a smooth and undisrupted cash transaction.

Comes in two different models

  • CT550US – Used for US Dollars, Only
  • CT550 MC – Can detect multiple world currencies (up to four) automatically – no need to select the currency


  • Infrared and magnetic detection with Portrait Pattern Recognition
  • Verification speed: less than a second per bill
  • Displays grand total value and number of verified bills for each denomination
  • Automatic bill feeding with front/rear bill ejection option
  • Visual and sound alert on counterfeit bills with large LED display
  • Compact and sleek design that is easy to operate
  • Verifies US dollars and is upgradeable for future releases of U.S. currency


  • CT550US - US Currency Only
  • CT550MC - 4 currencies (US/CAN/EURO/Brit Pound)
  • Without Battery - (requires A/C Power)

Download User Guide (PDF)


Fraud Fighter™ FF-1000

Electronic Money Counter with Counterfeit Detection

The FF-1000 by UVeritech is a highly efficient U.S. dollar bill counter utilizing counterfeit detection technology. The FF-1000 counts the total number of banknotes, and while doing so, conducts magnetic, infrared and ultraviolet testing on each banknote to verify their authenticity

Pre-programmed functions also allow the user to set automatic tasks that speed usage and assist in troubleshooting.

High-Speed, up to 1,000 bills per minute.  Counts total quantity of banknotes. Simultaneously verifies Metallic/Magnetic, ultraviolet, paper width and optical transparency features. Sounds an alarm and stops counting when suspicious bill is detected. Digital display of total currency counted. Double, chained, and half-note detection. Utilizes “fuzzy algorithim” for improved reliability and accuracy.  Automatic starting, clearing, memory, and self-diagnosis functions.

Download Product Sheet (PDF)|Download User Guide (PDF)